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Can’t wait to get my spiritual Stones

Black Obsidian stone~is reffered to as the prophet stone because its light vibe causes one to increase in their prophecy abilities. Obsidian is taken from volcanoes it is actually cooled lava. Which means its HOTT!!

Pyrite stone~is used to attract Abundance and Wealth into one’s life. Pyrite also coincides with the stomach and digestive system.. it brings balance to the solar plexus chakra and is also metaphysically connected to the sun. The beads are river stone and obsidian.

Titanium Quartz~one of the most powerful stones in the world. It opens all your chakras equally and give the lucky person wearing it a rainbow aura. Especially when hitting the sun. The piece is beautiful and the shine is amazing.

Girth~Not for the small in spirit. This stone is volcanic lava that grounds you to the earth and is surprisingly light.

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